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Chongqing Water Turbine Works Co., Ltd Signed an Overseas Order

作者:发布日期:2018-4-2 3:31:58关注:167664
On March 14th, Chongqing Water Turbine Works Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as CWTC) and Nepal National Energy Corporation (subsidiary of RM Group) held an EPC contract signing ceremony for the 2nd hydropower station of Nepal Khimti. This is the second EPC contract between Nepal and CWTC after Tarong EPC cooperation. The total installed capacity of this project is 48.8MW, with a total value of 88 million US dollars. The general manager of CQME Chen Ping (from the parent company of CWTC), the deputy general manager of CME Zhao Zicheng (from the parent company of CQME), the chairman of Nepal National Energy Corporation Krishna attended the ceremony, and distinguished guests from China Electric Construction Guiyang Survey & Design Institute, Sinosure Chongqing Branch, Construction bank Chongqing Branch were present on the ceremony as well.
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